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DGI Consult is leading research and programs on how to fundamentally strengthen health systems in ways that benefit all health services, including those for maternal and child health, malaria, and HIV, AIDS and NCDs.

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Who We Are

We act as a catalyst, bringing together multiple agencies to optimise Health Finance and Governance on a global scale:

We forge relationships between organizations at global, national, and local levels to tackle intractable problems, agree on policies and actions, build momentum for change, break down barriers, cut through bureaucracies, and speed up implementation to reach the communities most in need of help to expand access and improve health.


Translating Evidence to Policy & Practice We support organizations to use best available effective and cost effectiveness data for improving allocative efficiency and programmatic decision-making. Policy makers struggle to find, collect and understand context specific evidence to support their own decision-making needs, despite existing knowledge. These challenges are not inevitable, and we propose that with the right level of support and interaction between researchers and decision-makers, the translation of research findings into actionable policy and programmatic guidance is an achievable goal.

Child Mortality

Ending preventable child deaths. We helped launch a new global policy initiative to save 45 million children’s lives within a generation by enlisting world leaders to target aid where it can have most impact. Our team helped develop a plan to reduce child mortality to fewer than 20 deaths per thousand live births in every country by 2035. In one pilot project designed to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in an African state, we helped increase the number of clinics providing testing and treatment services to pregnant women by 95 percent in six months.

Maternal Health

Improving family-planning uptake.We support reproductive health programs by helping organizations to reach consensus on goals, design global operating structures, and roll out in-country programs. In one West African country, our team found the biggest hurdle was stock-outs of contraceptive supplies. By strengthening the supply chain using logistics practices from the consumer-goods industry, the team raised uptake dramatically, with increases of a percentage point a month in one pilot area.

Infectious Disease

Controlling and eradicating infectious diseases.Every year, two million children die of preventable diseases in developing countries. To boost vaccination coverage in one African country, we worked with our client to tackle shortcomings in the cold chains needed to distribute and store vaccines safely. In pilots, vaccine stocks increased, immunization levels rose by 20 to 40 percent, and cold chain costs fell by 25 percent.

What We Do

We help strengthen national health systems and improve the performance of complex health organizations.

We act in partnership with foundations, governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and healthcare companies to address urgent public healthcare challenges affecting some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Policy Development

Move towards a predominant reliance on public/compulsory funding sources (i.e. some form of taxation). Increase predictability in the level of public (and external) funding over a period of years. Improve stability (i.e. regular budget execution) in the flow of public (and external) funds.

Program Development

Using best practices and principle of co-production to design public health interventions. We also strive to include experts from a variety of backgrounds to gain many different perspectives on appropriate intervention content and design to produce a high-quality product.

Program Implementation

Regardless of which interventions are selected, we strive to: Use multiple interventions, such as combining program and policy interventions, for a single health issue. Use interventions that address multiple health issues at the same time, which is more effective than addressing each single health issue separately

Program Evaluation

to develop a systematic framework for the evaluation of health systems, as well as perform interdisciplinary research focusing on the relationship between economic development and health.

Operational Research

Ensuring the right tools for the right people at the right time - this is what operational research (OR) and implementation research (IR) supports. The goal is to strengthen health services and improve healthcare delivery in disease endemic countries.

Translating Evidence

The complexities associated with changing behaviour at an individual, team, organizational and system level have led DGI Consult to conclude that tailored, multifaceted strategies provide the most effective approach to knowledge translation.

The Challenge

An increasing number of low- and middle-income countries are attempting to strengthen their health systems and expand access to affordable and high-quality health care. But many face barriers, including inefficient use of resources, weak governance structures, and poor management systems within the health sector. Without adequate investments to develop the foundation for effective and sustainable health financing systems, countries will find it challenging to build the robust health systems needed to ultimately achieve improved health outcomes.

The Opportunity

Given these challenges, there is an opportunity to collaborate with Ministries of Health and other health sector actors at all levels to strengthen country financing and governance systems for health. This includes building country capacity to:

Improving Healthcare Financing

Smobilizing domestic resources or improving efficiency of spending — to reduce financial barriers and expand access to care.

Strengthening Health Governance

Strengthen governance capacity of partner country health systems.

Optimizing Healthcare Management

Improve country-owned systems in public health management and operations.

Evidence-Based Public Health

Advance techniques to measure progress in health systems performance through increased use of evidence-based tools and innovative measurement techniques

Translating Evidence Practice & Policy

We support organizations to use best available effective and cost effectiveness data for improving allocative efficiency and programmatic decision-making.

Universal Health Coverage

This means ensuring that everyone, everywhere can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardshi

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